Our farm is situated along the Blindman River, in the heart of Alberta’s Parkland. Most of our land is best suited to pasture, rather than annual crops, which is why livestock have always been at the core of our operation.  

We call ourselves grass farmers because we understand that a cattle farm’s production begins in the pastures, with the health of the soil. Read More


There’s no doubt we are passionate about the environment, but we also enjoy the arts. We dabble in videography, illustration, carving, and general woodwork; and one of our greatest joys and common interests is photography. We hope you enjoy our ever-growing gallery.


Our fall 2019 price is $4.25/lb (dressed) plus butchering fees. Beef can be ordered as a quarter, half or whole. 

We are currently accepting orders for central pickup in mid-December (Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton). If you’re interested, please check out our purchasing page, and get in touch through our contact form, or send us an email. Let us know how much beef you’re interested in, and we will send cutting instructions a couple of weeks before butchering.

In the future, we would like to have photography and woodwork available through e-commerce. For now, if something else on the site appeals to you, or you’re interested in a quote for a handmade butcher block or cutting board, let us know.


We have so much help behind-the-scenes, that it’s hard to put only three photos up. A big thanks to our parents; siblings; extended family; friends; business consultants and suppliers; and of course our clients. It takes a community.